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The Internet hates programming

Used Google’s spelling suggestions to see what the Internet thinks about various programming languages.

I was annoyed the other day by something the other day (well, by meetings in general), and wanted to check if other people are just as annoyed by it than I am. So I went to Google, started to enter “meetings are…” and since search is correcting what I type according to what people look for and type around the Internet, I got this:

Google's suggestions for what meetings are
Google’s suggestions for what meetings are according to the Internet

The results were really for my liking, and I was thinking whether I can use this to get some insights into fields of knowledge, for example what does the Internet think about different programming languages?

Started with LabView, since that’s the one I’m struggling at work at the moment (that’s for some other stories). I don”t want to overly generalize, and I have a lot to learn about it, but still, I am not that surprised by the Number 1 spell correction:

Labview is crap
Labview is….. crap, according to the Internet

So let’s see how the other languages and software engineering keywords come are treated?

Positive sentiments

There were some keywords with positive sentiments, never really among the top suggestions and never too many but there were

Neutral sentiments

There are some languages, that come up only with language related corrections, I guess that’s mostly because people don’t have strong negative or positive feelings, or maybe it’s more confusing then infuriating? Or people just don’t know much about some of these?

Mostly negative sentiments

Now onto the good parts…

I think my favorites are “worse than crap” and “an exceptionally bad idea”, with so explicit phrases, people must feel very strongly about it. Also, I’m surprised that with this many “dead” languages there’s still any programming going on! Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, would love to see more examples, and add to the list

Anyways, let’s head back to coding now that I have cheered myself up. Programming is hard, and the Internet knows that too.

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