Blog mixtape #1

Today ’bout 5am in the morning I just thought I just make a mixtape to match my mood.

I was playing around with Grooveshark more and more recently, and today I spent half the night sorting through songs. I guess I really prefer this to YouTube in terms of finding the songs I know and want to listen to again. Not as good for music discovery, but most of the time (say 4 out of 5) it has what I’m looking for. It likely would need some proper cleanup, most if not all artist’s songs are a mess, loads of duplicates and all. One can upload songs too to be able to listen everywhere, but not sure what goes into the main collection. None of the things I uploaded did.

Tape clip art

So here’s the mix, give it a try. Mostly things I have already known before, probably the majority of the people don’t.  Not very well researched, just something that comes naturally at this wee hour. The sky starts to brighten by now, fortunately it’s a public holiday today in Taiwan, so it won’t make much difference.

Let me know what you think.

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