Language of the Month: Haskell

Not entirely sure if I’ll have the time (but as it is always said, if it’s important enough, you’ll find the time), I’m planning to revive my Language of the Month series, this time taking on Haskell. I think years ago I’ve touched upon it when I was digging into Scala, but recently it showed up in more conversations with workmates, so can’t really resist it. Let’s see how far we get in a month then…

Will have to look for proper resources on the language, and it always worked best if I also come up with a project (that is definitely to be determined), here are some initial notes to self:

What do I expect from all this? Going in with not much direction, maybe as an exercise to get the creative coding juices flowing in a way that I know I’ll be challenged. That’s a start, right?

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Physicist, hacker. Enjoys avant-guarde literature probably a bit too much. Open source advocate and contributor, both for software and hardware.

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